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  • Ref. XR740C
  • BBE RECORDS, 2014.

Rodion G.A.'s magnum opus 'Behind The Curtain' offers a further nosey into the colourful archives of Romania's synth-y psych-disco pioneer. Following on from 'The Lost Tapes' and the 'Misiunea Spat,iala( Delta' soundtrack, 'Behind The Curtain' rescues another 14 songs from almost certain obscurity on decaying reel-to-reels at his country cottage in Romania. It's a wonder that they escaped the hands of the notorious Romanian authorities, never-mind the oxidisation process, to still convey a life-affirming and joyous take on electronic music romping from the swaggering pomp of 'Acvilla Fragment' and the heoric strut of 'Contrast' to the cartoonish energy of 'Dans Macabru' and the utterly mental synth funk of 'Waterfalls' via zippy vignettes such as 'Charm 1', 'Piramide' and 'The Gym'. It's arguable that nobody has ever sounded, or will sound quite like this ever again. (Boomkat)


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  • 1 Acvila Fragment
  • 2 Charm 1
  • 3 Charm 2
  • 4 Contrast
  • 5 Cosmic Game
  • 6 Dans Macabru
  • 7 Elastic
  • 8 Paradox
  • 9 Piramide 1
  • 10 Piramide 2
  • 11 Point
  • 12 The Gym
  • 13 The Train
  • 14 Waterfall