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  • Ref. MA6818
  • TRIKONT-UNSERE STIMME, 2007. Enregistrement 1927-1945.

"The modern age, driven by science and technology, made a promise: to put an end to all the evils of the past, once and for all. At last mankind would be freed from the horrors of disease, fire, plague, drought, floods and earthquakes. But progress also produced new horrors. Mega-technology in transport, and a drive towards ever larger capacity and higher speeds unleashed catastrophes on a scale previously unknown. Now a railway crash, a blazing zeppelin or a shipping disaster could inflict not dozens, but hundreds or even thousands of casualties. In the 1920s and 30s a series of disasters created a climate of fear, affecting the psyche in a way similar to today, when wars, fanaticism, terrorism, natural disasters, global warming, bird flu, tsunami, hurricanes and tornados all contribute to a gloomy atmosphere of uncertainty and constant dread. Hillbilly and blues musicians in the 1920s and 30s expressed the general mood in a poignant way. They sang of catastrophes and disasters, whether far away or on their doorstep. They talked of the effects these events had on the lives of ordinary people; they described what happened when disaster struck, as seen through the eyes of the victims. Perhaps the articulation of these awful events in songs helped to ease feelings of despair, offering a crumb of comfort to those listeners dealing with the brutal reality." (


  • 1 God moves on the water
  • 2 Wreck on the highway
  • 3 Baltimore fire
  • 4 Southern flood blues
  • 5 That crazy war
  • 6 When that great ship went down
  • 7 When the atom bomb fell
  • 8 He's coming to us dead
  • 9 Back-water blues
  • 10 Providence help the poor people
  • 11 The dying soldier
  • 12 The great ship went down
  • 13 When the levee breaks
  • 14 Explosion in the Fairmont mines
  • 15 High water everywhere, pt.1
  • 16 School house fire
  • 17 The wreck of southern old '97
  • 18 Flood water blues
  • 19 Jake walk blues
  • 20 Sinking of the Titanic
  • 21 Off to war, I'm going
  • 22 Lumberton wreck
  • 23 Rycove cyclone
  • 24 Dark was the night, cold was the ground