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Brent COBB

  • Ref. XC530D
  • ELEKTRA, 2016.

Produced by his cousin Dave Cobb, Shine On Rainy Day is more country than it is anything else, but the soul and folk rock influences are palpable on the tracks that roll out so smoothly, they envelop the consciousness not just in enjoyment, but in the presence of nostalgia like a thick memory that feels so present in the here and now, it's haunting. (

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  • 1 Solving problems
  • 2 South of Atlanta
  • 3 The world
  • 4 Diggin' holes
  • 5 Country bound
  • 6 Traveling poor boy
  • 7 Shine on rainy day
  • 8 Let the rain come down
  • 9 Down in the gulley
  • 10 Black crow

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