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Disponibilité et classement



  • Ref. X 325A
  • STEREO DELUXE, 2006.

"Folk is music of the people for the people - in both origin and best sense of the word pop-music. While traditional folk conserves authentic snapshots of our past, "Future Folk" sketches a friendly utopia of the here and now. This compilation does not lay claim to completeness, does not want everything with its 14 tracks, but can do so much more instead-amongst other things, give a warm welcome to the morning in these cold times. Without regard for stylistic or label-political limits "Future Folk" comprises a collection of magical talents, the very opposite of a Checker-Guide To Folktronica & Weird Folk: a child of love for music and progress - an essence of the future."


  • 1 Your heart on your sleeve
  • 2 Smells like content
  • 3 Together
  • 4 Bees
  • 5 X + variables
  • 6 A little secret
  • 7 Code breaker
  • 8 Rear moth
  • 9 The pop song
  • 10 Friend
  • 11 War & peace
  • 12 We will become silhouettes
  • 13 Leaf house
  • 14 Cast anchor