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  • Ref. XB433U
  • BIOPHON RECORDS, 2017. Enregistrement 1991-2004.

Geir Jenssen offers a very handy scan of hard-to-find Biosphere cuts c. 1991-2004 on his Biophon label, the latest in a comprehensive reissue agenda which has turned up some real charms so far. The set ranges from his earliest dalliances with bleep techno rave, superbly so in the sub-loaded killer Hypnophone [1991] off an obscure Norwegian rave compilation, thru to the coruscating ambient loops of Reef [2004] for the Gonzo Circus magazine, taking in gorgeous Lynchian ambience with The Third Planet [1994] and floating ambient structures redolent of X-Files atmospheres in The Seal & The Hydrophone [1995], while catching him at his most wistful and cinematic with Bird Watching [2000], and his subsequent, post-2000 turn toward textured ambient neo-classicism, such as the spectral interceptions of Vi Kan Tenka Digitalt, Vi Kan Tala Digitalt [2001], the stark but sensuous lushness of Valchirie [2002], and his organ work, Visible & Invisible [2003] for Touch. (Boomkat)

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Disque 1

  • 1 Hypnophone (CD1)
  • 2 The Third Planet
  • 3 The Seal & The Hydrophone
  • 4 When I Leave (Version)
  • 5 Knives In Hens
  • 6 Superfluid
  • 7 Bird Watching
  • 8 Sun-baked

Disque 2

  • 1 Heights Of The Depths (Biosphere &Jony Easterby) (CD2)
  • 2 Vi Kan Tenka Digitalt, Vi Kan TalaDigitalt
  • 3 Die Luftseilbahn
  • 4 Valchirie
  • 5 Visible & Invisible
  • 6 Colpa Mia
  • 7 Reef