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  • Ref. MX4797

Album de compositions pour percussions taiko et choeur de 2007. Certains morceaux sont basés sur des rythmes moyen-orientaux et Hamza El Din participe sur une plage. Livret en japonais. (ASDS)

"Taiko drumming groups of varying quality have now sprung up in many countries around the world. Contrary to popular conception, groups of taiko drummers in loin cloths is not some ancient Japanese tradition. One man, more responsible than any other, for creating this so-called 'tradition' is Eitetsu Hayashi, the best musician in the original Ondekoza, lead drummer with their off-shoot Kodo and for many years now, a solo musician. Unlike some of the groups he helped spawn, Hayashi is not style over substance, instead he continues to push the boundaries of taiko music with collaborations and innovations as well as being just about the best of the taiko players. On this album he is joined by a chorus group and guest vocalists and tackles some Middle Eastern rhythms and songs written by one time collaborator, the late Hamza El Din." (

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  • 1 A pilgrim on the road
  • 2 Rainy day * Higashi ni nishi ni
  • 3 Hikari no hogiuta
  • 4 Futa-uta
  • 5 Miryan arilan * A lotus flower along the water channel
  • 6 Ame furu kouya
  • 7 Taiko utsu kora
  • 8 Crane dance
  • 9 Hana no za
  • 10 Ten made hibike
  • 11 Higashi ni nishi ni
  • 12 A lotus flower along the water channel