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  • Ref. MU9953
  • CRAMMED DISCS, 2008.

"Macedonia's Kocani Orkestar are one of the great Balkan Gypsy brass bands, but over the past decade they have suffered from the departure of key personnel including trumpeter and band-leader Naaat Veliov. But now comes the new-look Kocani, with dance songs and sturdy instrumentals dominated by a slick and rousing eight-piece brass section. There are some fine arrangements here, with the tubas providing the bass lines that underpin the clarinet and trumpet solos, and Uri Kinrot of Balkan Beatbox adding guitar to cheerfully free-wheeling songs that are influenced both by western and Turkish styles. It's an impressive come- back, but nothing here quite competes with Sunet Oro, recorded by Veliov and the original Kocani band in 1997. (...)" (Robin Denselow,

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  • 1 Sokeres
  • 2 Romani caj
  • 3 Atlantis
  • 4 La llorona
  • 5 Papigo
  • 6 Mangelma stoposto
  • 7 Gelum ko bijav
  • 8 Kalino mome
  • 9 Hajde te kelas
  • 10 Sahara dreams
  • 11 Kodraka
  • 12 Divanosko
  • 13 But katili