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Disponibilité et classement



  • Ref. MA0544
  • ELLIPSIS ARTS, 1997.


  • 1 Babaji: North indian Ojha: Song fordepression and fatigue
  • 2 Koshalya: Hindu village healer: Healing female reproductive problems
  • 3 Ram Tmapa & Suni Ram:Jhankri of Nepal: Giving energy to a dying womanwith stomach pain
  • 4 Don Agustin-Rivas-Vasquez: Peruvian Ayahuasca shaman: Anticuna: Song from an Ayahuasca healing ceremony
  • 5 Micheline Forestal: Haitian Vodou Manbo: Healing with leaves ceremony
  • 6 Kanucas Littlefish:Native american Anishnabe medicine man: Curing serious illness
  • 7 Maestro Demosdenes-Ramires: Kuna indian song healer of the San Blas islands: Healing mental illness
  • 8 Darikiking Don Alejandro: Amazon medicine man: Ritual for healing digestive problems
  • 9 Alexander Tavakay: Tuvan shaman: Calling animal helpers
  • 10 Pointing Father: Spiritual baptistimmigrants from St. Vincent island: Shouting ritual for healing spirit and body, doption section
  • 11 Mara'akame: Shamans Huichol Peyoteshaman from Mexico: Song for petitioning the gods for healing
  • 12 Jorje K'in: Lacandon Mayan healer:Song of the tigre to cure jungle illness
  • 13 Néle Buna Inayyenikidili: Kuna indian seer of the San Blas islands: Charging the medicine dolls
  • 14 Anselmo Palma Cruz: Tarahumara Owiruame from the Sierra Madres: Chanthealing fever in children
  • 15 Kangsinmu: Spirit possessed shamanof Korea: Song for calling the helping spirits
  • 16 Steve Old Coyote: "Road man" of the native american church: Healing songs for a woman with kidney disease
  • 17 Simon Eliet: Inatulele from Panama: Shamanic chant for a pregnant woman with fever
  • 18 Phawo Nyidhon: Tibetan oracle: Ritual for possession and diagnosing illness