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  • Ref. MY3390
  • WEA RECORDS, 1990.

Le gamelan de Malaisie est proche de celui de Bali et Java mais ne compte que des percussions et des gongs. Le style est un peu plus simple. Ce disque présente des musiques pour accompagner les danses. Quelques notes en anglais et malais. (ASDS)

"Gamelan is mostly associated with Indonesia, especially Bali and Java. Malay gamelan is quite distinct from its near cousin, particularly in the repertoire rather than the instruments.The gamelan is belived to have been introduced into Malaysia in 1811. Initially there were some 60 tunes, but these days only about 12 are regularly performed. While Indonesian gamelan is often intense and intricate, Malay gamelan is all the more simple, with the various instruments for the most part playing the melody. The result is an alluring and accessible music, wistful and relaxing. The instruments include the saron (metallophone), gambang (xylophone), keromong (sets of small kettle gongs), kenong (larger kettle gongs), a gong and gendang or tabla like drums. A revival of interest in Malay gamelan music has largely been sparked by the gamelan orchestra on this CD, based at the Universiti Malaya. The pieces on this album are all performed to accompany various dances. This beautiful album comes with English liner notes." (d'après

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  • 1 Timang burung
  • 2 Togok
  • 3 Perang manggung
  • 4 Antawada
  • 5 Topeng
  • 6 Lambang sari
  • 7 Selanting
  • 8 Ayak ayak