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  • Ref. MU4785
  • ENE-SIE RECORDS, 2006.

"A great folk band from Tuva! This album features the rarely heard and extraordinary folk artist and eldest member of Tyva Kyzy Nadejda Kuular and master throat-singer and Igil player Sergei Ondar of the original Tuva ensemble among others. Songs on the album are full of blessings, tongue twisters and traditional songs depicting the sonic landscapes of Tuvan hunter and herder life with an extra dose of vivid animal sounds!" (

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  • 1 The ancsestors gift
  • 2 Urriankhie people
  • 3 My doshpuluur
  • 4 Young girl's heart
  • 5 Shamans prayer
  • 6 Tootpa
  • 7 Oitulaash yry
  • 8 The melody of alaak
  • 9 Tongue-twisters
  • 10 Morgul
  • 11 Sons of sisters
  • 12 Blessing song