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  • Ref. MK4111
  • ANALOG AFRICA, 2008.

"An album that offers "Raw and Psychedelic Afro Sounds from Benin and Togo 70s" may seem only of interest to hardcore African music fans, but don't be put off. This promises to be one of the party albums of the year. Benin and Togo are small, French-speaking African states squeezed between Ghana and Nigeria, and back in the 1970s they experienced their own local version of the rock revolution, with a whole batch of bands recording extraordinary music that was mostly never heard in the west. They mixed local styles, including the vodun or voodoo rhythms, with the funk and soul influence of James Brown, and the result was a wild fusion of chanting vocals, furious keyboards, brass and wailing guitar work. What's remarkable about this set is the vitality, enthusiasm and attack in the work of forgotten local heroes such as El Rego et Ses Commandos or Napo de Mi Amor et Ses Black Devils. But the finest, and longest, track comes from a West African celebrity, the saxophonist Tidjani Kone, who worked with both Nigeria's Fela Kuti and Mali's legendary Rail Band, and is heard here fronting the rousing Benin band Orchestre Poly-Rythmo. Well worth investigating." (Robin Denselow,

Excellent album ! Proposition pour la SELEC.

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  • 1 Mi kple dogbekpo
  • 2 Mi ma kpe dji
  • 3 It's a vanity
  • 4 Se na min
  • 5 Leki santchi
  • 6 Gbeti madjro
  • 7 Wait for me
  • 8 Vinon so minsou
  • 9 Ye nan lon an
  • 10 Djanfa magni
  • 11 Houiou djin nan zon aklumon
  • 12 Congolaise Benin ye
  • 13 Ou c'est lui ou c'est moi
  • 14 Oya ka jojo

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